Our certificate is not just a paper, it is a true document, with legal protection throughout the national territory, as it is in compliance with Law No. 9,394/96, with Presidential Decree No. 5.154/04 and the 1st to be issued, according to the criteria of the Public Ministry of Minas Gerais. The aesthetics sector in Brazil is practically immune to crises. Because the search for beauty and well-being is constant between men and women. Many people cannot dedicate themselves only to face-to-face studies, as they have to work. Therefore, online courses bring more flexibility in timetables and more freedom to choose when to study. The advantage of taking an online course is that you can learn anywhere. At home, at work, at the mall and even on the road. In addition, the Aesthetics courses are always updated, so that our students are always with new content and the best teaching. Cursos de estética online In a society that does not stop growing and innovating, it always seems that our knowledge falls short or obsolete, that is why Baobá Belleza presents its specific online courses in aesthetics to be a specialist in beauty centers with topics at the forefront of the needs of the world today. Grow your resume and job opportunities above the competition! At Baobá Belleza, we have a wide training service both in person and online, in which we offer a wide variety of topics for your learning; always ready to guide you and help you. Stop looking for hours and hours without knowing which course to choose! Because in Baobá Belleza all students are directly trained to face the world of work and with the guarantee of being able to repeat the course a second time totally free, and thus clarify doubts that may arise. We are located in the heart of Madrid, our certified training school is on Calle Preciados, right between the Sol and Callao metro stations, better transport communication, impossible. The training is supported by active teachers with more than 10 years of experience in the sector with the maximum professionalism, diploma / degree, real practices, theory and exams. Practices and learning with the latest equipment on the market and very small groups of students for a teaching of 10. All the students who have taken our master's degree in comprehensive aesthetics are currently working. Jewel Peeling Jewel Peeling is utilized to eliminate old skins from your face, as a cosmetologist you will work a great deal with this method, so you will learn in this unit. Precious stone Peeling Precious stone stripping follows a similar line of care as the past theme, yet for certain points of interest that you will learn in this unit. Synthetic Peeling Synthetic stripping eliminates old skin by utilizing substance organizations reasonable for facial skin, and you'll perceive how to utilize it in this progression of your web-based facial feel course. Massofilaxia Massofilaxia The face additionally needs back rub, and back rub is a method utilized particularly around here of ​​the body, and you will learn it with the goal that you can apply it to your customers. Facial Lymphatic Drainage Facial lymphatic waste has a few advantages for the soundness of the skin on the face, so you will figure out how to do it physically. Facial Hydration Facial Hydration Sound skin should be appropriately hydrated, so at this phase of the course you will find out with regards to facial hydration procedures to keep your customers' skin brilliant.  

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