In my own stroll of confidence,
I have sobbed. I have sobbed harshly. I think a piece of me is as yet sobbing, persistently, longing to be back with the Father. The Author and Finisher of my confidence. The Beginning and the End. The First and the Last. We all were there in the Beginning. Not many of us will be there toward the End. Furthermore that unpleasant truth makes me sob much more. "Disregard those things which are behind and arrive at foam unto those things which are previously." "That which hath been is currently; and that which is to be hath currently Modern Christianity  been; and God requireth that which is past." – Ecclesiastes 3:15. "Furthermore also, in light of the fact that the minister was insightful, he actually showed individuals information; yea, he gave great notice, and searched out, and set all together numerous maxims. The minister looked to discover adequate words: and that which was composed was upstanding, even expressions of truth. The expressions of the shrewd are as spurs, and as nails secured by the experts of gatherings, which are given from one Shepherd. What's more further, by these, my child, be reprimanded: of making many books there is no closure; and much review is an exhaustion of the tissue. Allow us to hear the finish of the entire matter: Fear God, and keep his charges: for this is the entire obligation of man. For God will bring each work into judgment, with each mysterious thing, regardless of whether it be great, or whether it be shrewd." – Ecclesiastes 12:9-14. Give ALL Glory to the LORD God alone…   "Also he said unto them, Ye are from underneath; I am from a higher place: ye are of this world; I am not of this world." "I talk what I have seen with my Father: and ye do what ye have seen with your dad." "Wherein on schedule past ye strolled by the course of this world, as per the sovereign of the force of the air, the soul that now worketh in the offspring of rebellion." Jesus said unto them, "Ye carry out the things of your dad. Then, at that point, said they to him, We be not brought into the world of sex; we have one Father, even God." This is the explanation that we should be brought back to life. Jesus is the firstborn of the "new" creation.

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